An intuitive programmer/administrator looking to pursue a long-term position working in diverse technical areas. 10+ years experience in key development and sysadmin environments including user and corporate support for a major ISP, systems administration for a medium sized game company, development in several languages and databases such as C++, Jasmine, Java, Oracle, and DB2. Always looking to expand skills and knowledge.

C C++ Visual C++
Visual C# Java Visual Basic
PHP JavaScript HTML
Actionscript Various Scripting Languages  
MySQL DB2 Oracle
Jasmine MSSQL
Windows 3.1 - Windows 10 Mac OS/X + Server Redhat
Ubuntu FreeBSD/BSDi/OpenBSD  

Employment Dates   Job TitleCompany
07/2017 - Current Technical Consultant Shanti Bhavan Children's Project
Bellevue, WA
  Consulting on various website technologies and AWS implementation and integration.

07/2011 - Current Applications Developer/System Adminsitrator Paizo, inc.
Redmond, WA
  Administering all servers and software. Largely OS/X Server with a couple of Redhat Web and Infrastructure Servers and Ubuntu File Server and a Windows Server 2012 Server.

Maintaining software and hardware for 50+ employees including hardware and software upgrades and repairs.

Network Administrator duties including maintaining firewalls and internal VLAN's and working to keep networks properly separated and protected for PCI-DSS.

Database Administrator activities such as updating hardware and software and maintaining data backups.

Programming our Store and Administration applications using Java, Web Objects, JavaScript, HTML with CSS. Specific examples include creating an XML parser to translate raw game data and display it through the web, greatly updating the way we do searches to provide for special pivot table problems involving keywords from multiple categories, and working with our web designer to create better ways to display our books and on our website to allow iPad compatibility and to provide for sorting and finding specific information on the page.

Helped to create a custom Virtual Table Top for playing games online. Specific duties included back end integration using Node, Web Sockets, and Web Objects(JavaScript and Java) to determine combined accessible resources. Also worked to create a 2-D Paint program in the VTT to allow for custom mapping, including fillable polygons, free hand painting, multiple undo, and GM control.
Dev Ops work using Team City, Subversion, and commandline scripting.
07/2003 - 07/2011 Lead Developer
Stillwater, OK/Bellevue, WA
  Administering all servers and software for Windows 2000 and 2003 as well as Linux platforms.

Maintaining current code as well as changing and streamlining the code for future shows. This included the creation of new features for online tradefairs and required study of diverse products for integration. Most of the code was written in ASP and Visual Basic, an Oracle DB, and XML and XSLT for display. Other programming duties included experiments with Flash and Java.

Administration of the Oracle database server and creation of custom database stored procedures in PL/SQL and reports as well as maintaining all of the log and customer data.

Created new Linux utilities for tracking information and creating/maintaining DNS information.

Other Windows duties included maintaining all web services and creating new server objects for use by the website.

05/2003 - 07/2003 Developer Summit Financial Group
Tulsa, OK
  Created a new dynamic software site using Java and MySQL to brand the site for commercial insurance buyers to create a unique site that allowed their employees to access their health plan benefits online.

01/2003 - 05/2003 Sales Technician AOL
Oklahoma City, OK
  Worked in AOL's customer retention department in the cable modem division. Was expected to know all the technical aspects of ADSL and cable modem operation, give very limited support, as well as offer incentives for customer retention.

10/1999 - 05/2002 Lead Developer Cimcase/Sequoyah Technologies
Tulsa, OK
  Worked to develop a web based application combining C, Jasmine and HTML that was used to create an on-the-fly e-commerce website for our customer. This provided dynamic information to several pages, changing the "look and feel", and further customizing each page for each of the sales people involved with the company based on preferences and roles.

Became the lead support contact for any problems or changes for this website, which received many revisions over the years.

Completed initial design of a mailing system that eventually spanned several Sun servers for concurrent mailing of administrative notices to all customers. This item was programmed in C to access DB2 databases on AS400 machines and then later retooled and redesigned in JAVA to allow for more dynamic queries that could be sent through a template that was generated by the user.

Created a Boolean and role-based subsystem for viewing dynamically generated server-side webpages. This piece was written in C and was well optimized. It worked inside of the Jasmine framework and was tied into the object-oriented database for role retrieval.

Created diverse administrative scripts and programs ranging from simple shell scripts, to more complicated scripting languages and C/C++ applications interfacing to an AS400 using DB2 on a Sun Ultra Enterprise 450.

Wrote a video codec using Visual C++ and running on Windows NT, 2000, 95, and 98.

Created a search engine using ASP, IIS, and SQL Server for a simple website.

09/1995 - 06/1999 Tech Support/Systems Admin/Developer ioNet/PSINet
Oklahoma City, OK
  Technical support at Oklahoma's largest ISP. Began with dial-up customer support and quickly moved up to escalation and corporate technical support.

Co-administrated a network of several Sun servers running Solaris 2.5 and 2.6 ranging from a Sparc 1 to a Sun Ultra Enterprise 450. These were running typical ISP applications such as Sendmail, POP services, DNS, Web services, FTP services, NNTP services, and shell as well as several other smaller applications.

Retooled and eventually rewrote the setup software that was sent out to thousands of subscribers.

Maintained several scripts that were used to calculate and return information for administration use.

Worked on contract programming through ioNet to create internet based applications using the web.

Branded our software for various companies who wished to sell internet access through ioNet/PSINet as a value-added service.

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